Stay Connected

Our online system gives you easy access to everything about your custom home project. You can make selections, see progress, browse photos, review financial decisions, send messages, and more—all from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.


With our system, you always have access to the vast amount of information about your project, any time, from any device, in a user-friendly format.


Customizing your home should be fun, not overhwleming. We organize all of the decisions you need to make into a list, in the appropriate order, with information about the specific choices, along with any impact on the budget.


You can always see where you stand on the cost of your home. Everything is transparent, so there are no surprises.


We’ll post pictures so you know exactly what’s happening, even when you’re not there. You can also see what’s coming up next.


In addition to our meetings and calls, we would typically communicate over multiple emails. We’ll still use email, but our system organizes all comments by topic, and sends you a notification when anyone involved says something new. It saves you time digging through old emails and ensures that everyone knows exactly what’s going on.